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Equifax Data Breach - What You Need to Do Now

| September 08, 2017
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As many of you are probably aware, credit monitoring company Equifax announced a data breach that occurred on July 29th affecting about 143 million Americans.  Thieves obtained names, addresses, dates of birth, and Social Security numbers.  This information could be used to steal your identify and open new credit cards in your name.


Equifax has established a web site with additional information as well as an app to see if you were likely affected.  You will be asked for your last name and the last 6 digits of your Social Security number to check your status.  You can also call the Equifax Response Line at 866-447-7559.  If you were affected, you will have the ability to sign up for a year of free credit monitoring, a free credit report, credit report lock, as well as ID theft insurance, called “TrustedID Premier” courtesy of Equifax.  There may be a future date in the next few weeks when you are first allowed to sign up for this service since so many were affected.

In addition to signing up for TrustedID Premier for those affected, I recommend that you change your passwords every 3 to 6 months starting now, use strong passwords, pull your credit annually to check for inaccuracies or unauthorized use of your personal information, and check your credit card statements monthly for accuracy of charges.

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