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Getting the Most from Your Financial Advisor

| January 23, 2017
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Getting the Most from Your Financial Advisor


I have been reflecting lately on how you (the client) can get the most out of your relationship with me (the advisor).


First, I think it is important that you know the reason that I became a financial advisor in the first place.  As I was growing up in Denver, I watched my parents struggle with their finances.  I don’t want to see people struggle financially.  I truly care about each and every one of you, I want to help you succeed financially, and I am motivated to work hard for you each and every day to help you succeed.


To help you succeed financially, we need to work together collaboratively.  This means we should be meeting at least once or twice a year, either by phone or face to face if possible.  Here are some thoughts about what should be happening in those meetings.


Meeting 1 – First half of the year.  Together we will:

  • Build or refresh your financial plan.
  • Establish or refresh and prioritize your financial goals
  • Review your spending to make sure it is accurately represented and consistent with your financial plan
  • Review your current and suggested investment allocation
  • If you’re still working, make sure your savings rate is accurately represented in your financial plan and keeping you on track with your goals
  • Review debts such as mortgage, student loans, or credit cards to develop a strategy
  • Review your strategies to make sure they still make sense
  • Conduct a joint meeting with your CPA and or attorney if appropriate to make sure we are all on the same page
  • Review administrative items such as making sure that your contact information and beneficiaries are up to date, tax withholding is appropriate


Meeting 2 – Second half of the year.  Together we will:

  • Review your spending and savings
  • Review your current and suggested investment allocation
  • Review gains and losses in your account and how this may impact your tax strategy
  • Review your benefit plan through work (during open enrollment)
  • If you are over age 70 ½, make sure your required minimum distribution has been met
  • Discuss your charitable strategy if appropriate
  • Review action items from the first meeting to make sure they have been completed


Throughout the year please contact me as your situation changes.  For example:

  • You changed jobs or have experienced a change in your income or spending
  • Bought or sold a property or moved to a new home
  • Got married or divorced
  • Had a death in the family
  • Wish to change a beneficiary
  • Have a question about the market or your finances


A few last thoughts.

  • Don’t wait for me to contact you. Though I have a contact system and I will contact you, it is helpful when you contact me proactively when something financial is on your mind
  • Be patient. The markets have a way of dealing out pain and investing is a long term endeavor that takes years and decades to work effectively
  • Try to avoid panicking. Throughout the year, every year, events in the news may make you nervous.  It is important that we talk about those things and have an investment allocation that allows you to sleep at night.
  • More communication is better than less. If there’s something on your mind, contact me
  • Try not to get too concerned with performance. I take performance very seriously but I also am trying to achieve balance in your total portfolio.  One year’s best performer may turn out to be another year’s worst performer. Chasing last year’s best performer is probably not the best strategy
  • Finally, thank you for returning my calls and email communications. If I contact you and don’t hear back, it makes me wonder if you’ve received my communication.


I care about you, I want you to succeed financially, and I want to earn your trust and respect.

All investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal. There is no assurance that any investment strategy will be successful. Past performance is not an indication or guarantee of future results

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